Capital City of Samarkand
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

Zahadar is the capital city of Samarkand. Making its first appearance in Fable: Edge of the World, the desert city thrives on trade from the nearby Great Trade Road, which ends in the capital.

The "Jewel of Samarkand" is split into the outer city, the inner city, and the palace, split down the center by the River Zaha. Tidily structured and noted for its "near perfect" geometry, each district served a specific purpose. The northern part of the outer city was devoted to mercantile and textile items while the southern side was dedicated to markets and merchant stalls. In the inner city, the south was built for the higher classes and the north side was the exclusive domain of government buildings, the most magnificent of which was the palace, which once boasted a famous public garden of plenty from which Samarkand's citizens took what they needed. Each part was surrounded by a wall, with a forty foot wall of hard baked earth surrounding the entire city.

This era of prosperity and peace ended after Emperor Zarak set out to meet the king of a faraway land and returned with a wife, one who would eventually become known as the Empress. Once she established her presence, she twisted Zarak's mind against the people, manipulating him into enacting harsher and harsher laws and even creating a wall around Zahadar to not only bar any visitors, but to keep citizens trapped within. 

Ten years after the events of Fable III, Zarak mysteriously died and his wife has taken over the capital. Soon afterwards, the evil entity known only as the Darkness returned. In response, Albion's greatest Hero and ruler, the Hero of Brightwall, takes an expedition consisting of a volunteer force of the Albion Royal Army, Captain Benjamin Finn, Kalin, and a local guide named Shan. Meeting up with his father's old companion Garth, the group formulates a plan for the King to infiltrate Zahadar and capture the Empress while Garth leads the Albion Royal Army in a full assault on the city.

Although the plan almost lead to complete victory, the sudden appearance of the Darkness changed the nature of the battle. Spreading out from Zahadar's river, the Darkness consumed many of the soldiers in the Albion Royal Army. Forced to retreat, Garth, Ben Finn, Kalin, and the Royal Army leave the Hero behind, now in the clutches of the Empress.

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