Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Balverine Order

Windside is a city located past the Mistpeak mountain range. Although located in the general area of Albion, it is unknown if the city is considered a part of that pastoral land.

Described by a coachman to Thomas Kirkman, Windside is detailed as a town on the other end of the Mistpeak mountains. Its buildings cling to the side of the mountain and are therefore considered more akin to bats than human structures. Of particular note in Windside is the Library, which the coachman notes has books written on rarely-seen creatures like nymphs, trolls, and balverines that are more accurate in their details than similar books to the west of Mistpeak.

After leaving his home in Millfields behind in order to track down the balverine that killed his brother, Thomas and his friend James ventured to Windside on the advice of their coachman in order to better understand the creatures that they sought.

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