Wimpet's Sniffle is a property sold in Fable III in the Dweller Camp. This caravan is located far up on the ridge overlooking the camp, near the hot spring. The rare book known as Famous Kings of History: King Cedric, for the quest The Pen is Mightier..., is sitting on a table inside this caravan.

Stats Edit

Base value: 1,105 gold
Base income: 40 gold[1]
Location: Dweller Camp, Hillside. On the ridge overlooking the camp.

Notes Edit

  • This house cannot be customized at all.

References Edit

  1. Walsh, Doug and Epstein, Joe. (2010). Fable III Signature Series E-Guide. BradyGames. p. 262. ISBN-13: 978-0-7440-1302-3.

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