FableIII wilma
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Vincent (ex-husband)
Home Brightwall
First Appearance Fable III - A Marriage of Inconvenience
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive (If good)
Deceased (If evil)

Wilma is a character in Fable III. She is a woman who wants to get a divorce from her husband, Vincent, in the quest "A Marriage of Inconvenience". If she divorces Vincent, she will lose half of her fortune, which is, apparently, a large amount of money. She asks the Hero to seduce her husband and get him to divorce her. That way the pair split up and she doesn't lose any money. After Vincent has been seduced and serves Wilma the divorce papers, she reveals her cunning plan to him. Vincent then proposes that the Hero kill his wife so that he and the Hero inherit all of her money and can be together. The Hero then has the choice of leaving the house and allowing Wilma to divorce her husband without losing any money, killing Wilma and marrying Vincent, or killing Vincent. Furthermore, the Hero can simply kill the both of them and leave the house.


  • According to Vincent, he has been married to Wilma for five years and all she does is work in her garden.
  • If Vincent is killed, Wilma will exclaim that she didn't intend for this to happen and will be very upset.
  • Wilma only appears if the Hero is female. If the Hero is male, she is replaced by William, the abused husband of Veronica.

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