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"Almost everything you could ever want, all in one shop"


Owner: Anne the shopkeeper

Address: 3 Crucible Walk, Westcliff

Base Value: 24000g

Note: Final Price will depend on the towns economy, how well liked you are, etc.

This shop will only exist if Westcliff underwent development.


Condom: 5g

Spade: 25g

Milk Chocolate: 80g

Freshly Picked Flowers: 100g

Lute: 100g

'Scanque' Perfume: 120g

Pure Chocolate: 160g

Honey-scented Flowers: 200g

Love Potion No. 9.042: 240g

Sweet Cream Dye: 250g

Gables Green Dye: 250g

Barely Blue Dye: 250g

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