Species Human
Gender Female
Home Bowerstone
Status Alive

Wendy is a member of Theresa's Fan Club. She was mentioned in an article of the Bowerstone Times, written by Penelope Chumley.

In her mission to uncover the mysterious past of Theresa, Penelope Chumley followed the founder of Theresa's Fan Club, Bertie Knippet, to one of the bi-monthly meetings of the club. It was there where Chumley was guided by Wendy, one of the club members, who was dressed to impersonate the Hero known as Hammer during a re-enactment of the final confrontation between the Hero of Bowerstone and Lucien in the Tattered Spire, except in this version of the tale, it was Theresa, not the Hero, who defeated Lucien by roundhouse kicking the tyrant in the face.

After her successful interpretation of Hammer was well-recieved, Wendy met with Penelope Chumley again, who asked the young lady as to the secret of Theresa's immortality. Wendy proceeded to explain that although there were a wide variety of theories, the most prominent was that the Seer had been given immortality by a mighty race of intelligent moss, who blessed her with eternal life so she could continue doing good for Albion.

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