Water is a drink in Fable II which heals you and restores some health. Weight is not gained by its consumption and it can be bought from all good taverns. You can even get purity points from some - the amount of purity points gained depends on the quality of the water.

Types of WaterEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Base Value
Rancid Water 1star This water has a rather sludgy consistency and smells faintly of eggs. You'd better be thirsty. 15 0.0 7 gold
Value Water 2stars It's warm and has a coppery taste, a bit like blood. 30 5.0 11 gold
Well Water 3stars Perfectly drinkable water from a town well. 60 10.0 18 gold
Spring Water 4stars Clear and pure, collected from the springs in the mountain ranges to the north. 120 15.0 30 gold
Sublime Water 5stars Crystal clear and extraordinarily pure, it tastes better than beer, chocolate and a sack of gold. 240 20.0 52 gold

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