Vortex is a spell from Fable II. It also appears in Fable III as the Vortex Spell Gauntlet.


Summon mighty elemental forces to create powerful whirlwinds that sweep your enemies up and send them flying. Target individuals for massive damage, or use an area effect more enemies for less damage.


Level Cost Targeted Duration Targeted Damage Surround Duration Surround Damage Max Targets
1 400 2.0 seconds 15 1.0 seconds 10 2
2 2,400 3.0 seconds 90 2.0 seconds 60 2
3 14,400 4.0 seconds 360 3.0 seconds 240 3
4 57,600 5.0 seconds 1,080 4.0 seconds 720 4
5 172,800 6.0 seconds 2,160 5.0 seconds 1,440 5

Notes Edit

  • A good thing about vortex is that it damages enemies while debilitating them, tossing them around in a tornado so they can't hurt you. It can also toss enemies off ledges for instant deaths.
  • Some higher level enemies are resistant to being lifted off the ground. Assassins, for instance, require a Vortex of at least level 3 to be lifted, otherwise they will just take damage. Enemies which cannot be lifted by the spell include: Lucien's Spire Commandants and Elder hollow men.
  • Casting higher levels of this spell generates temporary rain.
  • If you and another hero though Co-op cast inferno and vortex at the same time, then fire will spin round the vortex

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