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The Void is an area that exists outside of Albion, and most likely the world itself. It was the home of the Jack of Blades, Queen of Blades and Knight of Blades, together making The Court, before their destruction by William Black and his descendant.

History Edit

The Void is said to be the place where The Court, which included Jack of Blades, the antagonist of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, lived before man existed. The Court came to Albion from the Void, and demanded that the people bow to them. When they were refused, they brought great destruction down upon the land. William Black went into the Void, fought Jack and stole his sword, The Sword of Aeons. It is unknown how a mortal can enter this plane of existence, but William Black was pulled into it while reading a strange tome. Because of this, any information on how to enter the void lies with him.

The Void seems to have a poisonous effect on any mortal that enters it, as William Black was stricken with a wasting illness as a result of being present in the Void for only a short period of time. Many years later, Black returned to the Void to try to remove this illness, which had slowly been corrupting him from inside himself. The remnants of the illness he left behind later became the Corruption. William himself was never seen again either, possibly becoming the being known as Scythe.

Description Edit

Jack Of Blades 5
Extremely little is known of the Void's nature, though is described as a place of constant chaos. It was ruled by The Court and is apparently home to great legions of creatures or demons. In addition to being the home of the Court, it is also home to The Corruptor, The Temptress, The Devourer, and The Crawler. The bits and pieces of lore regarding the Void can be used to infer that the Void exists wholly outside of Albion and perhaps the world itself, and is possibly inhabited by sentient beings that can make buildings and furniture. This is supported by William Black's first encounter with the Jack of Blades, where he finds him sitting on a throne surrounded by "ghastly creatures". This theory is supported by the existence of the Harbingers, agents of the Devourer who are at least intelligent enough to do his bidding.

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