Victor and Victoria
Species Ghost
Gender Male (if player is male)
Female (if player is female)
Home Rookridge
Relationships Alex (ex-fiance)
Status Deceased

Victor (if the Hero of Bowerstone is male) or Victoria (if the Hero of Bowerstone is female) is a ghost in Fable II that serves as the quest-giver of Til Death Do Us Part.

Found in Rookridge next to a statue around night time, the ghost, if approached, gives the tragic backstory to their ultimate demise. Once in love with a person named Alex, Alex got cold feet on the day of the wedding, leaving Victor/Victoria heartbroken. Eventually committing suicide, he/she wants you extract their revenge by seducing Alex, then give them the Rejection Note so Alex can experience similar heartbreak and rejection.

Effects done by the playerEdit

  • If the Hero chooses to tear up the Rejection Note and marry Alex: When you return to Rookridge he/she will realize that they asked the Hero to do something awful and thanks the Hero for not following through with their plan. He/she then proceeds to warn the Hero to take care of Alex or he/she will "haunt him/her" and then disappears forever.
  • If the Hero chooses to give Alex the rejection note: He/she will proceed to kill him/herself and his/her spirit will be found next to Victor/Victoria. After learning that he/she was in on this after seeing the Hero again Alex then proceeds to run away from both exclaiming "I never want to see you two again!" after which Victor/Victoria runs after Alex and is never seen again.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Victor/Victoria would mean this person should be victorious. Ironically, he/she loses his/her love in real life and in the afterlife (he/she either loses Alex to the player or Alex never wants to see him/her again.)
  • The name may also be a reference to the 1982 film Victor Victoria.
  • Regardless which gender the player is, the picture on the quest completed screen will always be of Victor.
  • Even though Alex appears to live in Bowerstone Market, Victor/Victoria's ghost appears in Rookridge, though this may be the place he/she killed himself/herself.

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