Vestry Manor is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is located opposite The House of the Ghostly Puffin on the road leading to Fairfax Gardens. Vestry Manor is a nice house, but like most of the houses in Bowerstone, it has walls that are damaged and peeling. Vestry Manor has two trophy places, both on the stairwell and they are opposite each other. Outside, The Manor has a moderately large front area that is obstructed by the amount of black fences that form a path that leads to the front door.

Stats Edit

Base value: 12,000 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 3 Posh Street, Bowerstone
History: The residents of this wonderful house never seem to stay away very long, but have traditionally been people of great importance and fame. Artists, adventurers and the very highest nobles have all called this place their home at one time or another.
Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame

Furniture Edit

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