Species Human
Gender Female
Home Brightwall
Relationships William (Ex-husband)

Hero of Brightwall(Husband)

First Appearance Fable III - A Marriage of Inconvenience
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive (If hero chooses)

Deceased (If hero chooses)

Veronica is a main character in the Fable III quest A Marriage of Inconvenience, if the Hero is male. Her husband William asks the Hero to seduce her to get her to divorce him to marry the Hero since if he divorced her she'd take half of his fortune.

Once you seduce her, you ask her to marry you. She then goes back to William to divorce him and he reveals your false proposal as part of his plan. Up until then, you were expected to walk out on her once she divorced William, but Veronica states that she fell in love with you. You are presented with two choices: Kill William and marry a rich Veronica or walk out and leave a happy William and a penniless Veronica.

Veronica may also be killed which will result in an alternate ending. William will be left heartbroken telling you that he only wanted to divorce her.

Alternatively, the player may kill both Veronica and William resulting in another ending; the game itself comments on your morality saying that, well, they were in a way both horrible people so you've committed... a type of good. Regardless, guild seals are still awarded and your alignment is oddly unaffected despite the double homicide.

If the player is a female Hero, demanding Veronica will be replaced by a critical husband named Vincent. Hapless William will be replaced by a distressed wife named Wilma.


  • Her favourite item is Jewellery.
  • If you have children with Veronica, they will wear lower middle class clothing like the children of Bowerstone Industrial, despite the fact that Veronica dresses like a noble.
  • Like Vincent, if you divorce her, she will wander around Brightwall.
  • Favorite pre-coitus quotation is "I was hoping that was what you were thinking... It's all I'm thinking."