aka Xephinetsa

  • I live in the Lotus Assassin Fortress
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is to watch things
  • I am Female
  • Xephinetsa

    A long time ago in a magical land...

    My sister decided to write a Kingdom Hearts fanfic, and she was going to put me in it, but I was going to be a Nobody. Now, Nobodies names come from the name they used to have before they died and became a heartless. (That's when a Nobody is created.) That name is then twisted around and has an "X" added to it to create an anagram.

    For example: Sora = Roxas.

    My name is CENSORED!, so she took the letters in my name and rearranged them, adding an X in the process. That's how I got the name "Xephinetsa". And then they all lived happily ever after in the cheese castle... until it melted.

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