Fable The Journey Box Art

If you have been hesitant to check out Fable: The Journey, perhaps the following five facts will help persuade you, that the game is decent.

1.) Cohesion with Previous Games

Picture 155

The game does it's best to feel like a legitimate sequel to Fable III, most of this is done by learning more of the story of Theresa, whom serves as a secondary main character. We will learn more about the world of Albion.

2.) The Game is Humorous

Many of the quips and quirks that made other Fable games enjoyable remain in this version. The voice acting in this game is one of the high points. Both the actors who play Theresa and Gabriel do a tremendous job of injecting humor into their conversations. They also play as foils to each other and build a unique relationship.

3.) The Game Takes Advantage of Kinect's Flaws

The game has adapted itself for the inherent flaws that exist in the Kinect. For example, several of the magic powers, most notably the fireball and the magical spear, can be affected by subsequent movements after launching them. This allows for players to be able to hit multiple targets at once which feels like an increase in strategy.

4.) Intensity

At certain points throughout the game, the intensity is greatly increased. It gets difficult to move Saren through hot lava and numerous other obstructions. As the enemies approach, faster, and stronger than before, the battle begins to feel significant and utterly real.

5.) The Game Has Drawbacks

This game has righteously received a decent number of negative reviews and a few of these critiques are worth noting. Firstly, the game can be tedious and relentless. There are no refreshing advances of the story or narrative, instead it requires you to keep in motion. Also, the steering the horse element gets extremely tedious as the game progresses.

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