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    Whos your favorite?

    November 19, 2010 by The Shadow User

    Alright, I have just beaten Fable III and it was AWESOME! One of my favorite things was all of the new characters. Fable delivers everytime with awesome and loveable characters, but I think it really outdid itself this time. And so I ask you who are your five favorite characters from Fable III?

    In order from least to greatest are:

    5: Walter

    4: Jasper

    3: Page

    2: Ben Finn

    1: Sabine

    Who're yours?

    The Shadow User 20:49, November 19, 2010 (UTC)The Shadow User

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  • The Shadow User

    I know itas a little late, for this but Fable III will be here soon (Can't Wait!) and I was wondering the other day, of the Characters in 2 who would you like to see in 3? I know characters like Theresa and Reaver have been confirmed. But what about Garth, Hammer, Scythe, or others? Who would you like to see return?

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