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    Fable IV In 2013

    August 22, 2011 by TheIndifferentist

    Commence rumor mongering! According to the October 2011 issue of Official Xbox Magazine: "Look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable IV in 2013 , says The Ball." Now, it's only a rumor, and a meager one at that, but seeing as how we're all currently so enamored with the upcoming Fable: The Journey, further news might be too much for our little hearts to handle. (Sarcasm)

    Thankee much to Loud Mouthed Gamers.

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  • TheIndifferentist

    Microsoft has registered "Fable: The Journey" along with three other apparent Kinect titles. Rumor has it that MS is planning to announce these titles during their E3 press conference on the morrow. Thoughts?

    You can see where the domain name has been registered here.

    Credit for the find goes to superannuation.

    UPDATE: Lionhead's Official Announcement. They've got a trailer and screenshots.

    I've got "an increasing sense of trepidation." (Is it just me? Thoughts, please.)

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