I'm new here, and I really need someone to read this, because this is one of the only reasons I have an account here. My Xbox is messed up, I've been in a glitch world before. I'm not even sure if this is the right place to put this... but... still! Please help if you can, I have to save Garth!! My game is screwed up, and I don't know anyone who knows about Fable 2. It's like I'm in a scene, but I'm not, so I can't run, take out my weapons, do any will, or ride in a carriage. I can do expressions, though. And there's no bard around. If I go to a place like Rookridge, bandits just stand there and look around and sometimes stretch like I'm not there. And hobbes just stand there, or have conversations (there were 2 who were making faces at each other, and then slapping each other). The worst part is that I saved and turned of my Xbox, then turned it back on, and it was still like this. Please! I need to know if there's a way to fix this!! The Crucible Quest is next, and if I can't fight... ...I'll just stand there looking at beetles!!! I'm freaking out!! By the way, if you have to email me, it's, because I don't know when you can or can't comment. And "supr" is spelled without an "e". I'm leaving this every where, because I'm frantic, but not obsessed. Also, my title's screwed up, and I kind of have OCD when thing kind of thing happens, so it's "I NEED HELP PLEASE IF YOU CAN" X<

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