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Gathering ideas for Fable IV?

So we all know, "The Journey" is coming soon! But that has no bearing what so ever on Fable 4 so lets forget about it shall we? I want to invite this community to share your ideas about what the game should - and could - be! How about going backwards and checking out the founding of the Guild? Or.... seeing Scarlet Robe as a young girl? Perhaps we can advance in time and another civil war breaks out to which Albion could destroy unto itself. Anything goes! Just lets see who can get super-duper creative and inventive with their imagination and story-knowledge! Remember, it cannot conflict with what has already been done (i.e we know that Theresa took the Spire and is alive as a blind seeress and then the Heroes guide, so we cannot say "When you go to Twinblade, he kills Theresa)!! Lets see who can be the most imaginitive!

--User:Sirens of Oakvale 22:48, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

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