(Spoiler  Alert) I chose the Sacrifice (a.k.a  The Needs Of The Many) choice at the last main quest (Retribution) of Fable II and every populated place loved me (which I knew they would) and when I traveled through Bloodstone, Bowerstone Market, Fairfax Gardens, Bowerstone Old Town, and Oakfield, people in those regions were coming up to me saying  "We need an engagement ring to get married, you know,"(or something like that) and it was really annoying since I was already married (even if I wasn't married, I would still be annoyed). When I had  to make a wish in the Spire, I had the money to get Castle Fairfax so I didn't want to choose Wealth ( people would hate me and I would walk away....or be teleported away with 300  evil and 500 corruption). I didn't want to choose Love either because I have Knothole Island to bring my dog back, I had no family before the final quest (which I really recommend having a family, if someone wants to, after the final quest so Lucien won't have anyone else to kill) and I know, I know, the wish brings your sister, Rose, back but,  you'll never see her again in-game and you only get a note, so, what's the point? So anyways, I'm still annoyed about how people are saying they want to marry me, but at least the Till Death Do Us Apart quest really easy because all I had to do was walk up to Alex.

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