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Initial thoughts on Fable 3

This is just going to be me rambling a little bit. Spoilers ahead.

  • Love the scenery. Aurora was a real treat.
  • Pistols are fairly overpowered. I have to remind myself I have spells and a sword every now and then.
  • The villain is more compelling than Lucien, definitely more fun!
  • I like Walter and Jasper, they're well done. Swift seemed pretty cool too, but they killed him a little too early to make a final determination.
  • Too much stuff is dependent upon playing online.
  • One of the achievements requires you to kill 2 spouses, but they still don't let you kill Reaver. Hopefully they'll be done jacking him off in time for a DLC. If I don't get to kill that monster by the first DLC I think I'll just give up on Lionhead entirely, because they're obviously not interested in letting me play the hero despite making Fable at all.
  • Letting the childhood friend die is a mistake. Spouses are just ornaments in this game anyways and all the generic NPCs are hideous or ridiculous.

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