• Necromancer540

    Voices - Character Voices changed

    Missions: Extra Bronze, Silver or Gold Missions

    Map Modifications: Minor adjustments on the map

    New Scenes: Added scenes

    Region Additions: Added decor that as not Fable TLC (e.g the fire heart sign in Hook Coast)

    New objects: Added dig spots chests or fishing ripples If you know any of thses kinds of differnces let me know in the comments below

    Briar Rose

    Jack of Blades

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  • Necromancer540

    Fable 2 cast

    August 19, 2011 by Necromancer540

    Gemma Boyle - Rose

    Oliver Cotton - Lucien

    Zoe Wanamaker - Theresa

    Julie Sawalha - Hammer

    Ron Glass - Garth

    Stephen Fry - Reaver

    Stephen Grief - Barnum

    Darth Maul - Commandant

    James Corden - Monty

    Alan Ford - Arfur

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  • Necromancer540

    I looked everywhere and couldn't find out which voice actor voiced which character so if you know tell me.

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  • Necromancer540

    Fable 3 cast

    August 16, 2011 by Necromancer540

    Ben Kingsley - Sabine

    Zoe Wanamaker - Theresa

    Stephen Fry - Reaver

    Jonathan Ross - Bary Hatch

    Michael Fassbender - Logan

    Nicholas Hoult - Elliot

    Bernard Hill - Sir Walter Beck

    Simon Pegg - Ben Finn

    John Cleese - Jasper

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  • Necromancer540

    What's the Best Boss in Fable 1 ?

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