I haven't seen much information about the future, but I'm thinking the next game might take place in an era where there are airships among other early 20th century technical advancements. Reaver is still in control of Albion and is possibly expanding his control through force of arms or by working with other tyrants such as the Empress. Among the forced labor and harsh conditions, however, a new Hero emerges to engage a real revolution. Guided by Gabriel and discovering he/she is a descendant of Logan or any other Archon relative, the rightful heir gathers allies and does legendary deeds to defeat Reaver and his allies. Possibly learning along the way that it would be better for the people of Albion to have a voice in power once it's all done and trying to change Reaver's alignment. Maybe the following games can revolve around the Hero's actions as Monarch and his fight against the Corruptor. That's just me saying, of course. What do any of you think?

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