This is my review for Fable 3, copy/pasted from my review on GameSpot, Enjoy.

I have had a good relationship with Fable games, Fable I showed me the world of Albion for the first time, and Fable II is where I grew to love it, and I still do, just maybe for a shorter period of time.

Fable III tells the story of a young prince or princess that, after a terrible( yet relatively easy) choice decides that his/her brother must be stopped and overthrown. To do so He/she must raise an army of angry and oppressed citizens, and maybe even some from a faraway land to aid in his/her cause.

Alright now I'll get to specifics. I always loved the graphics of the Fable games( to the point that in Fable II i once stopped and just stood staring at bower lake) but with no improvements to the graphics since then they might as well be called bad.

Peter monyleux told us that they had completely eradicated all the 2D menus in the game. and he didn't lie, but some of those menus were a good thing. For example I never actually used the shops because those 2D menus were easy to use and not that bad to look at(I loved how they had funny descriptions to all the items) but this time around I had a hard time figuring out the menus and took me a while to find those amusing descriptions, so next time Peter, remember 2D isn't all that bad

Another feature is the quests, and well, there are two sides to this. on one side we have the entertaining and very interactive quests that have some good replay value. But on the other side(of which are in much greater supply) are the boring "Go here and grab this" and "Bring me here" or "go here and kill them" quests which I just avoided after trying a few of them

Now to the biggest let-down of the game, its replay value. and the fact is, there is none. as soon as I finished the game(which was kind of cool) I said to myself "That was cool" and then I looked at my pause menu and was about to select the "New Game" option when I thought "What else is there to see?" and trust me, after another play-through, I found out I was right

So is fable III worth buying? well I wouldn't suggest you buy it, but a rental for a few days, or maybe borrowing it from a friend(and they will want to lend it to you) isn't that bad of an idea.

As I gave it on GameSpot I give it now a 6.5, sorry but I have to say that I returned this game about 4 days after I got it. I'm sorry to say that it is not a good game, but I am still playing Fable II.

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