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  • Lordsunflash

    This is my review for Fable 3, copy/pasted from my review on GameSpot, Enjoy.

    I have had a good relationship with Fable games, Fable I showed me the world of Albion for the first time, and Fable II is where I grew to love it, and I still do, just maybe for a shorter period of time.

    Fable III tells the story of a young prince or princess that, after a terrible( yet relatively easy) choice decides that his/her brother must be stopped and overthrown. To do so He/she must raise an army of angry and oppressed citizens, and maybe even some from a faraway land to aid in his/her cause.

    Alright now I'll get to specifics. I always loved the graphics of the Fable games( to the point that in Fable II i once stopped and just stood staring at bower lake) b…

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