• LadyGrey97

    I loved all Fable Games. I was really excited for Fable 3, and it delivered. The only thing that was missing though, was Lady Grey. I don't know why, but she is probably one of my favorite characters in the game series. I was very disappointed that she was not in Fable 3. I am also really hoping that they make a Fable 4. I am hoping that if/ when they make Fable 4, that lady Grey will be involved. I liked that in Fable 1 you could marry her, and I absolutely LOVED that she could be resurrected in Fable 2. I am really hoping that all the main love interests from the games could be brought into Fable 4. (Alex, Elise, and Lady Grey) especially Lady Grey.I think that maybe she should return to your character as either a ghost or undead, becaus…

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