(I hope this is where I post questions, kinda new here)

So I'm currently replaying Fable 3 after getting to play Fable tlc for the first time (both via Steam) and I've always over looked this game series I guess since fable 1, mostly with my best friend... Anyway, in Fable 3 the crawler says something along the lines of "Did the blind seer not tell you about us?". This kind of made me remember a line Theresa says back in Fable 1: "He sees you when you're sleeping, and when the day light fades..." Looking it up, it's mostly considered that she is talking about Jack, but that makes little sence... Yes, I know that people would tell stories of Jack to bad children to scare them, but it still doesn't fully match... let me explain a bit deeper here.

"He sees you when you're sleeping, and when the daylight fades..."

If Jack is supposed to scare bad children, how can they be bad if they are sleeping? Should it be then 'he sees you when you're awake/bad'. At the same time, "...when the daylght fades"? Why would Jack need to do anything in darkness...?

So, this looks more to be talking about the Crawler. "He sees you when you're sleeping", this makes sence because of the "after the darkness" quest I believe it's called. As you walk through the desert after letting Walter go, he watches you and plays with your mind... in daylight... "and when the daylight fades" The crawler can ONLY appear in darkness (hence what occurs when the daylight fades XD)

Idk... any thoguhts... anyone...?

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