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First play-through opinion

I've finished Fable III for the first time, and this is what I think :

  • I played it for maybe a total of 10 hours or less.. It's kinda a short play for me.. Because previous game (other game) I played, it took about total of 4 days or more.. But it's an exciting game I should say..
  • My dog got limp of all a sudden.. And it can't be solve because it got limp after the Shadelight Dungeon.. So I see the dog limping all of the storyline untill I've finished playing it and it still got limp.. Kinda weird to see him like that because I have a dog and it'll be very odd if I see my dog limping all the way..

Well, I thinking of playing it again and I reaally hope that the dog won't got limp again.. Also I want to try to make a different character from my first play-through ..

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