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Cleaning,Upgrade, or Wait ?

I am currently playing on a 2 year old X-box 360 Arcade console (light grey) with an 8 Meg USB flash drive. I played Fable II for about a year and then Fable III another year. In the past several months my system has been freezing up or crashing you might call it with increased regularity. I assume it is due to disk read errors and not overheating. Some people tell me if I have it cleaned it will cure the problem and others say it is because I use it to play DVDs that the disk drive is "burned out". My question is this, Should I A.Have it professionally cleaned B.Upgrade to a new (black) version or C. Wait for the X-box 720 ? I respectfully ask for any comments and/or recommendations. Garry Damrau 08:49, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

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