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The Wikia Contributor Respect Movement

The WCRM is about giving respect to Wikia Contributors. Some jerks treat them like second class citizens. A few have gone as far as to tell them that they are vandals and should be banned. I want to let you know that I am not the WCRM. Most of it's members are Wikia Contributors, I am just the voice of the people. So far the "unregistered contributors" have become Wikia Contributors. All I ask is that you don't be rude to our Wikia Contibutors, and that you treat them like everyone else. I made a few edits while not logged in and they were all undone. I think the people of this wikia are more polite than at The Vault, but this message must still be heard. Anyone who decides to be a jerk can just go die somewhere. I understand that some people may come on to our wikias to vandalize, but they are less than one percent of our Wikia Contributors. A note to all Wikia Contributors: if anyone starts being a jerk tell me
Fable 3 queen

Guys and Gals, show respect.

and I'll tell them to stuff it. If they persist I can look into contacting an administrator. This may be a duplicate as my last blog was deleted for the name "WCRM".

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