FABLE 3

    November 14, 2010 by FLUXED HD

    Hey Fable.wikia, I'm looking for some help. I'm a new contributer to the fable.wikia but not to this site. I mainly help out on the red dead redemption one. While I'm not much of a writer, I can get pictures in HD on any game for xbox 360 / PS3 / PC, which seems to be rare on most wikia.

    That brings me to my Fable project. I'm trying to get a high quality screenshot of every weapon and outfit in the game. So far my project's going pretty well but I'm still missing a lot. If any of you have Xbox Live, weapons/outfits I'm missing and want to help my project out by letting me take pictures of the items I'm missing please reply to this blog post with your gamertag telling me what items you have which I don't. All weapons/outfits will be returneā€¦

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