The New Skin

With the implementation of Wikia's "New Look", the menu interface has to be redesigned from the old Monaco sidebar to the new Wikia navigation bar at the top. Leave your thoughts here on what you would like to see in the new menu. The limitations are 4 buttons with 7 entries each. My main interest is what you would like to see in the fourth menu, but any suggestions for the other three will be appreciated too.

The current layout is:

Menu Tree             Links to

|--The Fable Wiki    (Main Page)
| |-Fable Answers    (Answers site)
| |-Editor's Pick    (List of most popular articles)
| |-Most Visited     (List of most visited articles)
| |-Highest Voted    (List of articles with highest vote)
| |-Newly Changed    (List of articles that have been edited)
| |-All Pages        (Special:AllPages)
|--Game Info         (Category:Games)
| |-Fable            (Category:Fable)
| |-Fable II         (Category:Fable II)
| |-Fable III        (Category:Fable III)
| |-Quests           (Category:Quests)
| |-Locations        (Category:Locations)
| |-Characters       (Category:Characters)
| |-More categories  (Category Tree of content)
|--Community         (Community Portal)
| |-Top Users        (List of editors with the most contribs)
| |-Community Portal (Community Portal)
| |-Forums           (Forum:Index)
| |-Wikia Gaming Hub (
|--Change this Menu
| |-Have Your Say    (This blog)

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