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    Fable Fanon

    December 5, 2011 by Enodoc

    I would like to see if there is any interest in the Fable Wiki obtaining a fanon sub-wiki for fan-fiction, fan-art and other fan-created content based on the Fable universe. If there is, I will put in for adoption of Fable Fanon, a Wikia wiki that has been administered by Fable Wiki admins in the past. The process may also be improved if anyone who is interested heads over there to start creating content beforehand, so the Wikia staff can see that the wiki is somewhat active.

    Please vote in the Community Poll below, and leave your comments at the bottom.

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  • Enodoc
    Bowerstone, the capital of Albion, has appeared in all Fable games to date. However, it has changed drastically in the 600-odd years that have passed. Here are my theories on how Bowerstone came to be what it is today, and where the districts may be in relation to each other.

    In Fable I, you would exit the Guild, and turn right at the top of the rise in Lookout Point, and cross the east-west river into Bowerstone South. You could then continue through Bowerstone North and leave the town by crossing another east-west waterway outside Bowerstone Jail. An initial issue with this is that 500 years later, Bowerstone had no east-west river to its south side at all. The river you cross as you enter Bowerstone Market is a south-north river, which –…

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  • Enodoc

    Geography of Albion

    July 9, 2011 by Enodoc
    The geography of Albion is a very controversial subject, not least because the developers keep changing their mind about where things seem to go. Here are my theories on where everything should be, based on supposedly the 'most accurate' map of Albion we have; the one from Fable II.
    First thing to do is ignore most of the Sanctuary map in Fable III (shown below right). While it does give the general shape of the land, relative positions of locations are very far removed from where they should be. The most problematic part of this map is that the peninsula containing Westcliff seems to have been completely forgotten about reshaped, and numerous sections of Bowerstone seem to have leaked onto it instead of staying the correct side of the river.
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  • Enodoc

    or The Trouble with Modern English

    It is said that English is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Why? Partly because it's so different from almost everything else (except perhaps for a few other Germanic languages); and partly, if not mainly, because it is so different even from itself. Of course the most relevant and probably the most obvious difference is that which exists between American English and British English, but there is also the difference between pairs of words that sound the same and are spelt the same, but have different meanings (homonyms), pairs of words that mean the same thing but are completely different (synonyms), and pairs of similarly-spelt-and-sounding words that are derived from the same root as each…

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  • Enodoc
    The New Skin
    • Menus and Layout for skin customisation ideas.
    • Content and Positioning for article space ideas.
    • Forums and Messages for wiki communication ideas.

    The implementation of Wikia's "New Look" gives us an excuse to tidy up our forums, and potentially use them more. Leave your thoughts here on how we could improve them, as well as any other ideas you have about this wiki's communication, including Talk Pages and Blogs.

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