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Elthemor August 24, 2012 User blog:Elthemor

I wrote this somewhere once and it sounded smart, so here it is again (for those who want to know what Fable is, specifically):

The Fable series immerses you into a land of unparalleled wonderment. Actually, Fable and its predecessors are RPG/Fantasy games in which the Hero, whether it be the Hero of Oakvale, the Hero of Bowerstone, the Hero of Brightwall, or the upcoming Gabriel, goes through a series of quests to ultimately save a land called Albion. One of Fable's signature attributes is its morality system. You could either be a virtuous hero or a dishonourable villain. Either way, you must face the consequences. The original Fable takes place in a setting somewhat similar to that of The Lord of the Rings. The second takes place in a pre-industrial era where clockwork mechanics and guns are just coming around, and is similar to England during the Victorian period. The third, however, holds more of a Victorian-steampunk theme, and takes place during an industrial revolution.

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