• Cryptar

    Gone, All Gone

    May 15, 2012 by Cryptar

    I have several profiles on my Xbox 360 but only two that I use. One of them used to be my "offline profile" and was the main one I used for single player games. The other was just for Xbox LIVE. However, over time I gradually drifted over to the point now where I just use my Xbox LIVE profile for everything.

    I had three Hero Saves for my "old" profile, the first was the very first Hero I started as for Fable III, a pure Hero. The second was a corrupt Hero and was my second ever Hero for the game. The third was one that I had just started playing as and had left. For the first Hero I had quite a few weapons from the Sanctuary Chest, Golden Door/s etc. but not the Morality View one. The second I didn't have much, the Sanctuary weapon was the …

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