Well wikia world, here it is:

In the upcoming fable game (4) slated for a 2013 release, I would love to see the following things. First, I loved ruling a kingdom in fable 3, but I really thought it was lacking. Your should be able to do more things like be able to fix your mistakes. I would also love to see the Huge amount of clothing and weapons from fable 2 return. We all know its coming so it may as well happen, Theresa has always deep down bin the true bad person, As she for atleast 2 games has been manipulating the hero into things that they wouldnt really do, such as letting the spire be built (For gods sake, let a crazy person create a super weapon that can wipe out the universe), so she should be the final enemy. In Fable you had the choice to shut her up (Killing her :D) but for some reason it instantly has the idea that the majority of players saved her. LET OUR CHOICES CHANGE THE EVENTS OF THE NEXT GAME (like mass effect). My final idea is to get rid of the stupid dog. In fable 2 it was cool, but when it barks in fable 3 every 20 seconds I was really wishing I could leave it at my house . My last point, fix that ethnicity glitch on the children (If im married to someone that isnt an arouren i shouldt have to put up with the exotic child crap)

Bye Wikia

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