• Chill98

    Well wikia world, here it is:

    In the upcoming fable game (4) slated for a 2013 release, I would love to see the following things. First, I loved ruling a kingdom in fable 3, but I really thought it was lacking. Your should be able to do more things like be able to fix your mistakes. I would also love to see the Huge amount of clothing and weapons from fable 2 return. We all know its coming so it may as well happen, Theresa has always deep down bin the true bad person, As she for atleast 2 games has been manipulating the hero into things that they wouldnt really do, such as letting the spire be built (For gods sake, let a crazy person create a super weapon that can wipe out the universe), so she should be the final enemy. In Fable you had t…

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