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  • Butler.Jeeves

    Fable IV

    October 16, 2011 by Butler.Jeeves

    Okay so i got to ask people this. what should happen in Fable 4?

    Me and my friends have been putting together a letter to lionhead studios and i want to know what people think should be in it. i have some ideas but i want to know other peoples.

    Mine are:

    I think that it should continue from fable 2. You know if you choose to bring your family and dog back, your sister rose comes back to right? So like i know she lives in a forest after that and you never see her again. So i think she should have a son who gets married and you are there child. You have a brother and sister. You town gets attacked and you can only save one of your siblings. who ever you save dies and who ever you don't save becomes bad.

    Then you meet thereas and you get to choose…

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