I can't wait to be able to help this wiki more with Fable III. I pick my copy up in less then 7hours from now and will be adding things that won't spoil the game. I'll add only confirmation of any things that are currently either unconfirmed or speculation. So if anyone wants info before they get the game feel free to ask and I'll gladly help. I know a lot of people won't want it spoiled so I won't answer spoilerage questions unless you state your ok with spoilers. Oh and mods if you read this I think it might be a good idea to protect a lot of pages to stop spoilers being posted by unregistered people who probably won't add the spoiler alert. Just until its out world wide is my idea but its up to you guys. Anyway I'm going to finish my neutral hero for Fable II so all three saves are ready for Fable III.

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