• Albion42King

    Fable III

    January 26, 2011 by Albion42King

    I think that Fable III is like the best game that ive played sine the last Fable the second one well there are some things i do not like and i think you should use these ideas for Fable 4 if Lionhead will make one But still i do think that if you could add hourses to get around Albion and more powers like arrows and ax's insteed of uset blades and maybe you could chose the type of Dog you probly would want.maybe you could be able to have more jobs like archery and mining and mabey Troll matches like the second on of if they are extenget thenforget it ok well mabey balverines like you do in the currumble in Fable 2.I think that there should be an under water pass to the other worlds and make it not LIVE so then all people can have the full…

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