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Get your achievement idea in Fable Anniversary!

Agow95 July 8, 2013 User blog:Agow95

Lionhead has made a contest in fans can suggest an idea for a achievement in the upcoming Fable Anniversary, when the deadline for submitting ideas is over Lionhead will pick their five favourite suggestions and put them to public vote.


- Entries must be no longer than 32 characters long (title), and 100 characters long (description)

- All entries must be posted on the forum thread before 11:59PM BST (GMT +1) on Sunday 14th July 2013

- All entries must focus on an action or actions which are possible in Fable / Fable: The Lost Chapters

- As always, please abide by the forum rules when posting!

- The winner of the contest will be decided by public vote during the week beginning 15/07/2013

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