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I'm a big fan of fable, i'm 15, and i'm Catholic. I'm also known 'round here as being an all-around swell guy.

My Fable(s)Edit

Temple of Light Small This user is an acolyte of Avo and follower of the Light.

I'm a nice guy, I can't fight my nature, not even in fiction

Fablegamecase This user owns Fable.

Fable II Artwork This user owns Fable II.

The Hero of Bowerstone Male This user started Fable II with a male Hero of Bowerstone.

I was born a guy in reality, i'll be born one in fiction as well

Gender This user allowed the Potion of Transmogrification to evaporate.

Yeah, I doubt God (or Avo, whatever floats your boat) would have wanted me to...He might have given me a good smiting, so i don't want to tempt him and say he messed up.

Sacrifice This selfless user made the ultimate sacrifice.
They chose The Needs of the Many.

Once again, nice guy, as such, selfless. i'm a good guy, alright?

RulerofAlbion This user owns all of the properties in Albion.

I own you all...even if i reduced the rent on everybody's house to a big Zero

CastleArt This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Why yes, i do own a castle, but i'm not going to kill innocent petitioners just cause they're on my doorstep

Spouse Icon This user's hero is married.

I has a wife.

Parent Icon This user's hero has (two) children.

I has a children

Concierge This user is the best concierge in Albion. They have opened all the Fable II Demon Doors.

They annoyed me, i opened them

Amethyst This user has found all three of Albion's Divinity Gems.

Shiny rocks, but i didn't kill the walking Indiana Jones reference or kill the strange dead men.

Jack of Blades Head This user has defeated Jack of Blades.

That weird probable child molester stands in awe of my swagtastic power

Meteorologist This user is the best meteorologist in Albion.

I was nice to the collectively bisexual people of the strange island

Con Artist This user has explored all of Murgo's cursed wares and has been granted a vision of the future.

I has a ESP

Fable2Albionmap This user's favourite Fable II location is the Study in Castle Fairfax.

I'm a geek, not going to deny it

Gargoyle Icon This user has destroyed all of Albion's Gargoyles.

Hated 'em, killed 'em.

Hoarder This user has found all the Silver Keys in Fable II's Albion.


Fable III Box Art 1 This user has pre-ordered Fable III.

I'm not going to deny it, i'm anticipating it.

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