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"我很不喜欢穿衣服!!!" - Me

Herro dere! I da Doomanvil ra! I rike da RPGs rike...... Forget the asian accent. Anyway, I'm a big fan of the Fable series. I've got Fable II GOTY and Fable III Limited Collector's Edition (which is absolutely awesome) but I don't have Fable or Fable TLC (which kind of sucks). Also, I come from 'Straylia (Australia for those who are unfamiliar with the stereotypical Australian accent).

The Hero of Bowerstone Male This user started Fable II with a male Hero of Bowerstone.

Fable2Albionmap This user's favourite Fable II location is Bowerstone Market.

Temple of Light Small This user is an acolyte of Avo and follower of the Light.

Sacrifice This selfless user made the ultimate sacrifice.
They chose The Needs of the Many.

CastleArt This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Meteorologist This user is the best meteorologist in Albion.

Con Artist This user has explored all of Murgo's cursed wares and has been granted a vision of the future.

LCE F3 This user owns the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition.

Prince This user started Fable III as the Prince.

3Icon Crown This user is Ruler of Albion.

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