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Naked upper body

Raunchiness': 15

Bandit Shirt

Aggressiveness: 10%


Raunchiness: 10%

Embroidered Day Tunic

Attractiveness: 5%

Explorer Shirt

Gypsy Male Shirt

Knotted Shirt "Looks as if you've stepped straight off the cover of a sleazy romance novel"

Raunchiness: 10%

Noble Gent's Shirt

Attractiveness: 10%

Noble Lady's Blouse

Attractiveness: 10%

Pauper Blouse

Pauper Shirt

Attractiveness: 5%

Sun Vest

Tart Bodice

Raunchiness: 10%

Vintage Vest and Shirt Combo

Attractiveness: 5%

Chicken suit body

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