Tyler Clixby
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
Relationships Jennifer Clixby (Wife)
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Status Alive
Corporal Tyler Clixby is a character in Fable: Blood Ties. He is the husband of Jennifer Clixby and a member of the Albion Royal Army.

Described as man of broad features whose black, bristling moustache had long taken a life of its own, Tyler Clixby served as a corporal in the Bowerstone 1st Infantry Division during The Crawler's attack on Bowerstone. It was during this battle that he fought alongside soldier, former smuggler/adventurer, and revolutionary hero Ben Finn, developing an great admiration for his sharpshooting skill during the battle.

The battle of Bowerstone would not be the last time that Tyler Clixby would meet Ben Finn. Shortly after the attack, Tyler comes home early from military manoeuvres, only to find his wife cheating on him with Ben Finn. Although he is understandably furious at first, his rage subsides when he recognizes the man who his wife is involved with, and excitedly exclaims that he cannot wait to tell his friends that his wife almost slept with "the legendary Ben Finn."

Tyler Clixby's reaction to Ben Finn's fame disturbs and disgusts him, and he resolves to leave Bowerstone behind to fulfil his claim made at the end of Fable III and go out adventuring again.

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