Twitcher's Curtains
Demon Door Realm
Twitcher's Curtains
Location Information
Exits Millfields

Twitcher's Curtains is the realm beyond the Millfields Demon Door in Fable III. To open the door, the Hero must rebel against the standards of what constitutes "good looking." More specifically, the Hero must wear an outfit that makes them look like a fool and neglect their body until they are overweight. Humourously, the Door, who wanted the Hero to rebel against standards, lets the Hero in on the account that it cannot stand their new image.

The realm consists of a massive, dark cavern, dominated by a series of large cobwebs. At the end of the short path is a chest containing 40 Guild Seals.

Upon exiting Twitcher's Curtains, an inhuman screech can be heard.

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