The Triumvirate is a group consisting of a Hero of Strength, a Hero of Skill and a Hero of Will. These should not be confused with the Albionite ones of Fable II. The Triumvirate lived in a land far to the east of Albion a long time ago, though after the Fable events, since the Hero of Skill uses a gun. They were an invincible force only stoppable by death. They created a sword, a gun and a gauntlet to preserve their might.

In Bowerstone Castle's library in Fable III there are four statues describing the Triumvirate. If you read all four statues in the correct order a door opens in the library leading to a somewhat mundane treasure.

The Hero of StrengthEdit

The Hero of Strength was, unlike Hammer, a man. He could mow down entire armies with his sword.

The Hero of SkillEdit

The Hero of Skill was the best shooter the world has ever seen, though Reaver disputes this.

The Hero of WillEdit

The Hero of Will was perhaps the most powerful of the Triumvirate. He was powerful in his ability to control the elements and using them for powerful spells.