Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Ben Finn (Former Ally)
The Swift Brigade (Former Allies)
Baron (Blood Ties) (Fellow Mercenary)
Droogan (Employer)
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Status Alive

Trevor is a minor character in Fable: Blood Ties. A former member of The Swift Brigade and friend of revolutionary hero Ben Finn, Trevor is part of a gang of mercenaries organized by another of Ben's old friends, Baron.

Shortly after the events of Fable III, Ben Finn takes to adventuring again, running into Trevor and the other mercenaries in Mourningwood. Swapping heroic tales about their late commander, the great Major Swift, the conversation soon turns to Blackholm, a large walled town between Millfields and Silverpines currently under siege by the warlord Droogan. When Ben confronts his old friends, asking why they are not helping out the unfortunate people of Blackholm, Trevor attempts to rationalize their decision by claiming that the people of Blackholm are too poor to afford proper mercenaries. Shortly afterwards, Ben's gnome companion insults Trevor and the other mercenaries, calling them out on their cowardice in an uncanny imitation of Ben's voice. Trevor moves to attack Ben, but Ben manages to escape on the back of the large brown stallion named Clash, who Ben cared for back at Mourningwood Fort in the days before the revolution.

Ben meets Trevor again when he participates in the second defense of Blackholm against the Half-breeds, only to discover that his former friend has joined Warlord Droogan and his mercenaries. After Ben saves Blackholm from both Warlord Droogan and the hordes of Reaver's Half-breeds, Ben takes his leave of the town, deciding to follow Page. Right before he leaves, however, his thoughts turn back to his steed, who he left behind in the care of Trevor. Ben considers offering to buy Clash or to simply steal him outright, ultimately deciding, "Not really a tough choice when you're Ben Finn."

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