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Throne of Blood
Throne of Blood
Type Main Quest
Preceding Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Succeeding The Traitor's Keep
Start Bowerstone Castle
End Ravenscar Keep
Reward Achievement iconA Slow Day At The Office

Traitor's Keep: Throne of Blood is the first quest in the Traitor's Keep DLC for Fable III. It is first predicted by the hermit in the Veiled Path after the hero saves Albion.


Head to the Castle Treasury, where Hobson will once again be waiting. He will comment on the final stages of the main quest, then invite you to the throne room to begin. (If you have not yet paid for the premium content, he will state that the throne room is out of action while it is being cleaned.)

Once you accept the quest, you are taken to the throne room to address issues in the kingdom. It is unknown how many hours pass, but you soon finds yourself at the brink of falling asleep. In the meantime, a well armed, skilled assassin manages to sneak into the castle (while taking out several guards) and attempts to kill you, at which point you must defeat the assassin. While the assassin fights you, he calls out several important names like "General Turner" and "the Keep". Note that it is not possible to finish off the assassin (ie: he stops taking damage when he gets too low) until he has finished his monologue, so it would be wise to spend most of the time avoiding close combat and receiving damage for no gain; this results in an unusually long and seemingly more difficult fight than it would otherwise be.

Once the Hero kills the assassin, a soldier announces that a ship is approaching the docks in Bowerstone Old Quarter. The Hero arrives and sees Elite Soldiers leaving the ship. Then Commander Milton leaves the ship and introduces himself to the Hero as the one in charge of Ravenscar Keep, Albion's most secure prison. He explains that the assassin escaped from Ravenscar and apologizes for this. The Hero finally agrees to visit Ravenscar prison.


Life returns to normal in the castle. But when has your life ever been normal?

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