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Trader Massacre
Quest Card Emblem
Type Silver Quest Icon Silver Quest
Preceding Find the Bandit Seeress
Succeeding None
Start Barrow Fields
End Barrow Fields
Reward 5000 Gold
400 Renown
Boasts 5

Trader Massacre is a Silver Quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters that becomes available after you complete the Find the Bandit Seeress quest. Although they seem mutually exclusive, you can still do the Trader Rescue quest.

A war is going on between the bandits of Oakvale forest and the traders. In this quest, you have to help some bandits kill all Guards and traders in Barrow Fields; after that is done, you are given a choice to kill the last trader or spare him.

Boasts Available Edit

  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Keep Bandit Alive
  • Timed Quest


For this quest you'll just need to go to Barrow Fields and kill some traders and guards. You'll have some bandits helping you, so the task should be relatively easy. If nothing else, the quest is quick, so you might want to start out by making lots of boasts and then working your way down if you need to. This quest is easiest if you have some sort of area-effect spell to work with.

Note that when playing through this quest utilizing a spell such as Force Push risks causing damage to the Bandit Leader. If the player harms the Bandit Leader in any way, the leader and all other bandits will attack the Hero instead of the guards making the battle quite difficult now that you have to fight two factions instead of one. If the Bandit Leader is killed by the player prior to the final cutscene (see below), killing all the bandits, guards and traders yourself is the only way to complete the mission - and the final cutscene will not play out.

At the end, you'll be asked if you want to kill the last remaining trader. This does not make much difference to the outcome, except a small change in alignment.


  • New traders will eventually appear to replace the ones that you killed, but your actions might mess up the Sick Child quest, So it would be wise to complete that quest first.  A simple fix is to sleep for a few days and the trader with the blue mushroom will respawn.
  • Note that when you complete this quest guards will not respawn again, allowing you to raid the place without Guards attacking.
  • It is impossible to complete the fist fighter boast due to you pulling out your weapon automatically when you need to decide to kill the trader or not.

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