Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Home Oakfield, Echo Mine
Enemies Hero of Bowerstone
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased

Tommy is the male transvestite inhabitant of the Echo Mine in Fable II. He offers the Hobbe Squatters quest, which becomes available after completing the Tattered Spire.

Standing watch in Oakfield, Tommy, when approached, asks the Hero to enter Echo Mine, which he claims is his home, and to wipe out the hobbes that have taken over the cave.

Should the Hero embark on the quest, they may discover that within various areas of the mine, Tommy left pages of his journal, detailing his descent into madness. Originally taken to the Temple of Shadows as a sacrifice with his family, he alone managed to escape. Tommy stumbled across the Echo Mine while searching for a hiding place, only to find that the cave in question was occupied by Hobbes. Rather than kill and devour him, the native hobbes accepted Tommy into their ranks. Gradually, as he came to work with the hobbes, Tommy lost his grip on sanity, gradually coming to identify himself as a hobbe and not a human. Abandoning his human persona, Tommy took to dressing in women's clothing, believing it was more appropriate for a hobbe.

Once the Hero kills all of the hobbes, Tommy confronts the Hero at the mine's exit, revealing that it was actually his hope that the Hero would be promptly devoured by the hobbes. Calling the Hero a murderer, he promptly attacks, and is quickly dispatched by the Hero's superior skill.

Trivia Edit

  • The physics behind Tommy's death present an interesting bug. Killing Tommy via headshot fails to decapitate him, instead causing a stiffened ragdoll effect and roll around.
  • He appears to have stuffed his blouse with some form of padding, but the padding is crooked, making for a lopsided effect.
  • His elaborate hairstyle actually seems to be similar to the Upper Class wig that can be purchased by the Hero as part of the Female Upper Class outfit; it is essentially the 'hat' part of the ensemble.
  • When the Hero kills all the Hobbes and returns to the entrance of the cave, Tommy is shocked and upset that the Hobbes were killed and calls the Hero a "murderer", even though the entire point of sending the player into the caves in the first place was to kill the hobbes.
  • Sometimes you'll hear a faint, "I'm going to carve up your armpit." This may be reference to some of the bodies you find later in the cave, but they are mostly monk bodies, a villager body, and skeletons, not bandits.

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